Professional Coaching for People of Color, by People of Color

Overcoming unconscious barriers and unique career challenges in the corporate world

Solutions Designed by Successful, Diverse Coaches

Our professional development approach integrates the interpretation of industry-leading personality assessments with our own “think. interact. act.” capability-building framework. We draw upon our experiences as people of color (POC) in the corporate world to provide a safe space for POC to discuss professional challenges with a trusted coach who can help them develop their skills and succeed in the workplace.

Supporting Diverse Talent to Overcome Career Challenges

Systemic bias is a daily challenge people of color often face alone. We understand the unique challenges employees face every day and provide real-time, personalized support rooted in first-hand experience and similar challenges. Driven by our diverse coaching backgrounds, we help break down unconscious barriers and provide a clear understanding of where problems lie to generate real, lasting results.


Most Ethnically Diverse Coaching Network in the Industry

We have had successful careers at companies like McKinsey, Procter & Gamble, BP, General Mills, and more, and hold degrees from prestigious institutions in technical and non-technical areas which has laid a strong, diverse foundation for us as coaches. Most importantly, we have a passion for professional development and a desire to use our expertise to give employees of color what they need to thrive.

Diverse Coaches for All Levels and Development Areas

We offer a number of ways to engage with us for professional coaching.


Webinar-style small-group coaching on core skills.


1:1 coaching focused on core skills and customized based on personality type.

Thought Partner

1:1 coaching that balances core skills with leadership and management traits.


1:1 coaching that focuses on executive leadership areas that maximize impact.

Learning Labs

1-hour group follow-up practice sessions after webinars

Digital Coaching

Coaching through an IM-based platform


Hogan or MBTI assessments

Group Coaching

Coaching for resource groups, new hire classes, etc.


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