Building Sustainable Solutions to Innovation Problems

Fortune 500 product development consulting delivered through innovative frameworks

Developing Cross-Functional Excellence to Fuel Innovation

As product development consultants with decades of experience working with the world’s leading brands, we help companies overcome organizational and supply chain challenges by implementing an innovative approach to the product development process. With our unique models, we identify untapped opportunities, maximize innovation investments through strategy and process improvement, and create optimal value as individually defined.



Strategic Advisory Services That Build Capabilities on All Levels

As veteran consultants with product development expertise, we bring our industry experience to help companies maximize the return on their innovation investment.

Strategic Planning

We align the R&D/innovation strategy with the organization’s business strategy through planning assessments, long-term supply chain strategy development, and vetted partnerships to meet key objectives and long-term goals.

Design-to-Value (DtV)

Our capabilities help improve products and profit margins by understanding the features consumers and customers value and what those features should cost through an integrated, fact-based approach that is measurable for growth.

Process Optimization

With a profound understanding and experience of what’s necessary to make processes work, we can deliver the best value to customers through an innovative framework designed to maximize effectiveness.

Stage-Gated Innovation Processes

As a fundamental part of our product development consulting, we measure innovation portfolio performance against established metrics and standards to assess efficiency, impact, and design, in order to optimize timelines and maximize business outcomes.

Program Management

Our advisory services include a review of supply chain assets, material classes, and production processes to ensure migration plans for core technologies and confirm they are appropriately utilized and return value to the organization.

Product Development-Supply Chain Integration

We help you ensure the right product is in the right place at the right time to satisfy customer demand through inventory forecasting, purchasing, supplier quality assurance, risk assessment, and safety stock evaluation.

Seamless Innovation

A Diagnostic Approach to Drive Performance and Deliver on Business Goals

Seamless Innovation is our unique, process-oriented approach to product development. We have gathered years of hands-on experience and combined it with the essential fundamentals of product development to establish an integrated model that clearly illustrates the best, calculated way to achieve sustainable, measurable results and a lasting business impact.



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