Podcast Episode 69: Innovation Is Curiosity Realized

Oct 26, 2022 |Posted by Jared Simmons | Innovation

“Innovation is when curiosity is realized in a way that introduces something new, a new way of thinking, new way of working, a new way to solve a problem.”

In Episode 69, Jared dives into a discussion with Monique Childress, the Founder and Principal of Horizon Advisory Group in Atlanta, GA. They talk about one of the critical tools to move from curiosity to impact – – the strategic planning process.

Monique’s experience and expertise working with nonprofit organizations provide invaluable lessons about innovation. In an area where resources, budgets, and teams are notoriously limited, she illustrates how following a set strategic process can be just as valuable, if not more, than the deliverable itself.

This begins with maintaining curiosity.

Too often organizations get tangled up in execution, though they’re receiving data signals indicating a need for change. The question is what will leaders do with the information received? First, they must simply ask questions and listen. Without ample time spent on this initial step, curiosity wanes. 

All voices need to be heard to tell the full story, to stay curious. However, ego and a scarcity-abundance mindset can set in. These serve as distractions and slow down innovation. Questions may feel like criticism and make people feel defensive. At this point, it’s easy to lose focus, and the spark goes out.

Therefore, approaching the first steps in a purposeful way is critical. It dispels false assumptions, presents a clear understanding of what needs to be done, and communicates the why. However, it takes more than curiosity to put actions in motion and reach innovation. A strong strategic planning process ensures you have the capability and capacity to actually execute the mission, vision, and values of the organization.

Support from external consultants can deliver a fresh perspective and help organizations from getting stuck in the process. So, how is this all pieced together? In the podcast, Jared and Monique explore where to connect curiosity with capability in a way that’ll deliver meaningful impact.

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Episode Transcript

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Jared is the founder of Outlast Consulting LLC, a consulting firm that helps individuals and organizations with strategy, process improvement, and professional development. He is an engineer by training with experience in market research, product development, innovation, management consulting, and strategic planning at P&G, McKinsey, and Coca-Cola.


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