Episode 70: Innovation Is When Creativity Improves Life: Doug Shapiro

Nov 02, 2022 |Posted by Jared Simmons | Innovation

Innovation is often seen as the result of solving problems. But it doesn’t always have to be that way.

In Episode 70, Doug Shapiro, Vice President of Research and Insights at OFS, joins Jared to talk about how focusing on the value of openness and creativity can also drive innovation.

Rather than working from a place of discomfort, as often experienced with knowledge work, innovation can be the result of curious exploration. Considering a better or different way to do something can create easier access, a better sense of fulfillment, and ultimately, improve life. And, though problem-solving continues to be at the crux of change, there’s a sense of urgency right now to “get better at creativity.”


A World Economic Forum study reveals that 40% of workers feel their job will be obsolete in five years due to artificial intelligence (AI). Though a startling statistic, what if it was reframed? What if 40% of the way people work will become obsolete? This context allows people to move away from a problem-solving-only mentality and honor their creativity as an equally strategic way to be innovative.

So, the question is: can we get as good at creative work as we’ve become at knowledge work?

Honestly, it depends. This type of transition will look a little different for everyone. However, in order to make progress in finding the answer, there must be laughter and humor to be open to new ideas. There also must be a departure from ingrained workplace cultures and modern-day struggles to allow us to emerge lighter and more creative.

In their conversation, Jared and Doug delve deeper into what it actually takes to get into this creative mindset. They also examine the main killer of creativity, and also, determine what innovation is not. They consider how all elements work together to shape the future of work and innovation and create a place where discipline and creativity can symbiotically coexist.

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