The first step to creating value

Sep 18, 2019 |Posted by Jared Simmons | Innovation

Understanding what makes you valuable allows you to create value for others–regardless of what context you’re in.

We are frequently underestimated–most often by ourselves. We tend to make decisions based on our level of knowledge of the outside world instead of what we know about ourselves. In times of trouble, we trust what we think we know about the world and question what we believe about ourselves.

The truth is that the better we know and understand ourselves, the better our outcomes will be in the world. You are the common thread among all of your successes in life.

The best form of leadership development helps you develop the courage, clarity of purpose, skills, and endurance to do work worth following–the valuable, meaningful work that can only come from you. This is not a broadcast solution; it’s a deeply individualized undertaking that can only go so far in a classroom, workgroup, or conference setting.

There is more to know about yourself than you think. Investing in yourself is more than signing up for a program; it’s trading in that window through which you view the world for a self-reflective mirror. The more you understand yourself, the better you will understand the people and circumstances around you.

In order to create value in the world, you must recognize the unique value within yourself. One cannot share what he does not knowingly possess.

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